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§ 8.7 - Reinstatement of National Service Life Insurance except insurance issued pursuant to section 1925 of title 38 U.S.C.

(a) Any policy which lapses and which is not surrendered for a cash value or for paid-up insurance, may be reinstated upon written application signed by the applicant, payment of all premiums in arrears, and evidence of good health as required under § 8.8 (a) or (b), whichever is applicable. If a policy is not reinstated within 6 months from the due date of the premium in default, interest must be paid in addition to premiums for all months in arrears from their respective due dates at the rate of 5 percent per annum, compounded annually. The payment or reinstatement of any indebtedness against a policy must be made upon application for reinstatement, and any excess of indebtedness and interest over the reserve of the policy must be paid at that time. A lapsed National Service Life Insurance policy which is in force under extended term insurance may be reinstated within 5 years from the date extended insurance would expire upon application and payment of all premiums in arrears with the required interest. In any case in which the extended insurance under an endowment policy provides protection to the end of the endowment period, the policy may be reinstated at any time before maturity upon application and payment of the premiums with the required interest. A policy on the level term premium plan may be reinstated within 5 years of the date of lapse upon written application signed by the insured, evidence of insurability and payment of two monthly premiums, one for the month of the lapse, the other for the month of reinstatement.

(b) Reinstatement of insurance issued under section 1925, title 38 U.S.C. Any policy of insurance issued under 38 U.S.C. 1925 which has been lapsed for not more than 5 years shall be reinstated under the same provisions of paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Effective date of reinstatements. Reinstatement is effected on the date an acceptable application and the required monetary payments are delivered to the Department of Veterans Affairs. If application for reinstatement is submitted by mail, properly addressed to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the postmark date shall be the date of delivery. The effective date of reinstatement of the insurance shall be the last monthly premium due date prior to the delivery or postmark date of the application for reinstatement, except where reinstatement is effected on the due date of a premium, then in such case that date shall be the reinstatement date.

(d) Inquiry during the grace period. When the insured makes inquiry prior to the expiration of the grace period disclosing a clear intent to continue insurance protection, such as a request for information concerning premium rates or conversion privileges, etc., an additional reasonable period not exceeding 60 days may be granted for payment of premiums due; but the premiums in any such case must be paid during the lifetime of the insured.

[61 FR 29291, June 10, 1996. Redesignated at 65 FR 7437, Feb. 15, 2000; 65 FR 19659, Apr. 12, 2000]