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§ 60.3024 - What if I do not use a wet scrubber to comply with the emission limitations?

If you use an air pollution control device other than a wet scrubber or limit emissions in some other manner to comply with the emission limitations under § 60.3022, you must petition EPA for specific operating limits, the values of which are to be established during the initial performance test and then continuously monitored thereafter. You must not conduct the initial performance test until after the petition has been approved by EPA. Your petition must include the five items listed in paragraphs (a) through (e) of this section.

(a) Identification of the specific parameters you propose to use as operating limits.

(b) A discussion of the relationship between these parameters and emissions of regulated pollutants, identifying how emissions of regulated pollutants change with changes in these parameters, and how limits on these parameters will serve to limit emissions of regulated pollutants.

(c) A discussion of how you will establish the upper and/or lower values for these parameters that will establish the operating limits on these parameters.

(d) A discussion identifying the methods you will use to measure and the instruments you will use to monitor these parameters, as well as the relative accuracy and precision of these methods and instruments.

(e) A discussion identifying the frequency and methods for recalibrating the instruments you will use for monitoring these parameters.