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§ 405.925 - Decisions of utilization review committees.

(a) General rule. A decision of a utilization review committee is a medical determination by a staff committee of the provider or a group similarly composed and does not constitute a determination by the Secretary within the meaning of section 1869 of the Act. The decision of a utilization review committee may be considered by CMS along with other pertinent medical evidence in determining whether or not an individual has the right to have payment made under Part A of title XVIII.

(b) Applicability under the prospective payment system. CMS may consider utilization review committee decisions related to inpatient hospital services paid for under the prospective payment system (see part 412 of this chapter) only as those decisions concern:

(1) The appropriateness of admissions resulting in payments under subparts D, E and G of part 412 of this chapter.

(2) The covered days of care involved in determinations of outlier payments under § 412.80(a)(1)(i) of this chapter; and

(3) The necessity of professional services furnished in high cost outliers under § 412.80(a)(1)(ii) of this chapter.

[48 FR 39831, Sept. 1, 1983. Redesignated at 77 FR 29028, May 16, 2012]