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§ 405.1026 - Disqualification of the ALJ or attorney adjudicator.

(a) An ALJ or attorney adjudicator cannot adjudicate an appeal if he or she is prejudiced or partial to any party or has any interest in the matter pending for decision.

(b) If a party objects to the ALJ or attorney adjudicator assigned to adjudicate the appeal, the party must notify the ALJ within 10 calendar days of the date of the notice of hearing if a hearing is scheduled, or the ALJ or attorney adjudicator at any time before a decision, dismissal order, or remand order is issued if no hearing is scheduled. The ALJ or attorney adjudicator considers the party's objections and decides whether to proceed with the appeal or withdraw.

(c) If the ALJ or attorney adjudicator withdraws, another ALJ or attorney adjudicator will be assigned to adjudicate the appeal. If the ALJ or attorney adjudicator does not withdraw, the party may, after the ALJ or attorney adjudicator has issued an action in the case, present his or her objections to the Council in accordance with § 405.1100 through § 405.1130. The Council will then consider whether the decision or dismissal should be revised or if applicable, a new hearing held before another ALJ. If the case is escalated to the Council after a hearing is held but before the ALJ issues a decision, the Council considers the reasons the party objected to the ALJ during its review of the case and, if the Council deems it necessary, may remand the case to another ALJ for a hearing and decision.

(d) If the party objects to the ALJ or attorney adjudicator and the ALJ or attorney adjudicator subsequently withdraws from the appeal, any adjudication time frame that applies to the appeal in accordance with § 405.1016 is extended by 14 calendar days.

[82 FR 5115, Jan. 17, 2017]