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§ 405.1040 - Prehearing and posthearing conferences.

(a) The ALJ may decide on his or her own, or at the request of any party to the hearing, to hold a prehearing or posthearing conference to facilitate the hearing or the hearing decision.

(b) The ALJ informs the parties who will be or were sent a notice of hearing in accordance with § 405.1020(c), and CMS or a contractor that has elected to be a participant in the proceedings or party to the hearing at the time the notice of conference is sent, of the time, place, and purpose of the conference at least 7 calendar days before the conference date, unless a party indicates in writing that it does not wish to receive a written notice of the conference.

(c) At the conference—

(1) The ALJ or an OMHA attorney designated by the ALJ conducts the conference, but only the ALJ conducting a conference may consider matters in addition to those stated in the conference notice if the parties consent to consideration of the additional matters in writing.

(2) An audio recording of the conference is made.

(d) The ALJ issues an order to all parties and participants who attended the conference stating all agreements and actions resulting from the conference. If a party does not object within 10 calendar days of receiving the order, or any additional time granted by the ALJ, the agreements and actions become part of the administrative record and are binding on all parties.

[82 FR 5118, Jan. 17, 2017]