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§ 405.1042 - The administrative record.

(a) Creating the record. (1) OMHA makes a complete record of the evidence and administrative proceedings on the appealed matter, including any prehearing and posthearing conferences, and hearing proceedings that were conducted.

(2) The record will include marked as exhibits, the appealed determinations, and documents and other evidence used in making the appealed determinations and the ALJ's or attorney adjudicator's decision, including, but not limited to, claims, medical records, written statements, certificates, reports, affidavits, and any other evidence the ALJ or attorney adjudicator admits. The record will also include any evidence excluded or not considered by the ALJ or attorney adjudicator, including, but not limited to, new evidence submitted by a provider or supplier, or beneficiary represented by a provider or supplier, for which no good cause was established, and duplicative evidence submitted by a party.

(3) A party may request and review a copy of the record prior to or at the hearing, or, if a hearing is not held, at any time before the notice of decision is issued.

(4) If a request for review is filed or the case is escalated to the Council, the complete record, including any prehearing and posthearing conference and hearing recordings, is forwarded to the Council.

(5) A typed transcription of the hearing is prepared if a party seeks judicial review of the case in a Federal district court within the stated time period and all other jurisdictional criteria are met, unless, upon the Secretary's motion prior to the filing of an answer, the court remands the case.

(b) Requesting and receiving copies of the record. (1) While an appeal is pending at OMHA, a party may request and receive a copy of all or part of the record from OMHA, including any index of the administrative record, documentary evidence, and a copy of the audio recording of the oral proceedings. The party may be asked to pay the costs of providing these items.

(2) If a party requests a copy of all or part of the record from OMHA or the ALJ or attorney adjudicator and an opportunity to comment on the record, any adjudication period that applies in accordance with § 405.1016 is extended by the time beginning with the receipt of the request through the expiration of the time granted for the party's response.

(3) If a party requests a copy of all or part of the record and the record, including any audio recordings, contains information pertaining to an individual that the requesting party is not entitled to receive, such as personally identifiable information or protected health information, such portions of the record will not be furnished unless the requesting party obtains consent from the individual.

[82 FR 5118, Jan. 17, 2017]