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§ 405.1134 - Extension of time to file action in Federal district court.

(a) Any party to the Council's decision or to a request for EAJR that has been certified by the review entity other than CMS may request that the time for filing an action in a Federal district court be extended.

(b) The request must—

(1) Be in writing.

(2) Give the reasons why the action was not filed within the stated time period.

(3) Be filed with the Council.

(c) If the party shows that he or she had good cause for missing the deadline, the time period will be extended. To determine whether good cause exists, the Council uses the standards specified in § 405.942(b)(2) or (b)(3).

[70 FR 11472, Mar. 8, 2005, as amended at 82 FR 5124, Jan. 17, 2017]