U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 14, 2020

§ 2806.15 - Under what circumstances may BLM waive or reduce my rent?

(a) BLM may waive or reduce your rent payment, even to zero in appropriate circumstances. BLM may require you to submit information to support a finding that your grant qualifies for a waiver or a reduction of rent.

(b) BLM may waive or reduce your rent if you show BLM that:

(1) You are a non-profit organization, corporation, or association which is not controlled by, or is not a subsidiary of, a profit making corporation or business enterprise and the facility or project will provide a benefit or special service to the general public or to a program of the Secretary;

(2) You provide without charge, or at reduced rates, a valuable benefit to the public at large or to the programs of the Secretary of the Interior;

(3) You hold a valid Federal authorization in connection with your grant and the United States is already receiving compensation for this authorization. This paragraph does not apply to oil and gas leases issued under part 3100 of this chapter; or

(4) Your grant involves a cost share road or a reciprocal right-of-way agreement not subject to subpart 2812 of this chapter. In these cases, BLM will determine the rent based on the proportion of use.

(c) The BLM State Director may waive or reduce your rent payment if the BLM State Director determines that paying the full rent will cause you undue hardship and it is in the public interest to waive or reduce your rent. In your request for a waiver or rental reduction you must include a suggested alternative rental payment plan or timeframe within which you anticipate resuming full rental payments. BLM may also require you to submit specific financial and technical data or other information that corrects or modifies the statement of financial capability required by § 2804.12(a)(5) of this part.