U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4.1192 - Contents of answer.

The permittee's answer to a show cause order shall contain a statement setting forth -

(a) The reasons in detail why a pattern of violations does not exist or has not existed, including all reasons for contesting -

(1) The fact of any of the violations alleged by OSM as constituting a pattern of violations;

(2) The willfulness of such violations; or

(3) Whether such violations were caused by the unwarranted failure of the permittee;

(b) All mitigating factors the permittee believes exist in determining the terms of the revocation or the length and terms of the suspension;

(c) Any other alleged relevant facts; and

(d) Whether a hearing on the show cause order is desired.

[43 FR 34386, Aug. 3, 1978, as amended at 67 FR 61510, Oct. 1, 2002]