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§ 1820.2 - Requirements for making FOIA requests.

(a) Submission of requests. (1) A request for OSC records under the FOIA must be made in writing. The request must be sent by:

(i) Regular mail addressed to: FOIA Officer, U.S. Office of Special Counsel, 1730 M Street NW., Suite 218, Washington, DC 20036-4505; or

(ii) By fax sent to the FOIA Officer at 202-254-3711, the number provided on the FOIA page of OSC's Web site ( (; or

(iii) By email to [email protected] or other electronic means as described on the FOIA page of OSC's Web site,

(2) For the quickest handling, both the request letter and envelope or any fax cover sheet or email subject line should be clearly marked “FOIA Request.” Whether sent by mail, fax, email, or other prescribed electronic method, a FOIA request will not be considered to have been received by OSC until it reaches the FOIA office.

(b) Description of records sought. Requesters must describe the records sought in enough detail for them to be located with a reasonable amount of effort. When requesting records about an OSC case file, the case file number, name, and type (for example, prohibited personnel practice, Hatch Act, USERRA or other complaint; Hatch Act advisory opinion; or whistleblower disclosure) should be provided, if known. Whenever possible, requests should describe any particular record sought, such as the date, title or name, author, recipient, and subject matter.

(c) Agreement to pay fees. Making a FOIA request shall be considered an agreement by the requester to pay all applicable fees chargeable under § 1820.7, up to and including the amount of $25.00, unless the requester asks for a waiver of fees or specifies a willingness to pay a greater or lesser amount.

[81 FR 73017, Oct. 24, 2016]