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§ 354.35 - Rejection of application.

Any application for inspection service may be rejected by the Administrator:

(a) Whenever the applicant fails to meet the requirements of the regulations prescribing the conditions under which the service is made available;

(b) Whenever the product is owned by or located on the premises of a person currently denied the benefits of the Act;

(c) Where any individual holding office or a responsible position with or having a substantial financial interest or share in the applicant is currently denied the benefits of the Act or was responsible in whole or in part for the current denial of the benefits of the Act to any person;

(d) Where the Administrator determines that the application is an attempt on the part of a person currently denied the benefits of the Act to obtain inspection service;

(e) Whenever the applicant, after an initial survey has been made in accordance with § 354.34(a), fails to bring the plant, facilities, and operating procedures into compliance with the regulations within a reasonable period of time; or

(f) Notwithstanding any prior approval whenever, before inauguration of service, the applicant fails to fulfill commitments concerning the inauguration of the service. Each such applicant shall be promptly notified by registered mail of the reasons for the rejection. A written petition for reconsideration of such rejection may be filed by the applicant with the Administrator if postmarked or delivered within 10 days after the receipt of notice of the rejection. Such petition shall state specifically the errors alleged to have been made by the Administrator in rejecting the application. Within 20 days following the receipt of such a petition for reconsideration, the Administrator shall approve the application or notify the applicant by registered mail of the reasons for the rejection thereof.