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§ 354.71 - Affixing of official identification.

(a) No official identification or any abbreviation, copy, or representation thereof may be affixed to or placed on or caused to be affixed to or placed on any product or container thereof except by an inspector or under the supervision of an inspector. All such products shall have been inspected and certified. The inspector shall have supervision over the use and handling of all material bearing any official identification.

(b) Each container of inspected and certified products to be shipped from one official plant to another official plant for further processing shall be marked for identification and shall show the following information:

(1) The name of the inspected and certified products in the container;

(2) The name and address of the packer or distributor of such products;

(3) The net weight of the container;

(4) The inspection mark permitted to be used pursuant to the regulations in this part unless the containers are sealed or otherwise identified in such manner as may be approved by the Administrator; and

(5) The plant number of the official plant where the products were packed.