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§ 354.241 - Cleaning of rooms and compartments.

Rooms, compartments, or other parts of the official plant shall be kept clean and in sanitary condition.

(a) All blood, offal, rabbits or parts of rabbits too severely damaged to be salvaged and all discarded containers and other materials shall be completely disposed of daily.

(b) All windows, doors, and light fixtures in the official plant shall be kept clean.

(c) All docks and rooms shall be kept clean and free from debris and unused equipment and utensils.

(d) Live rabbit receiving docks and receiving rooms shall be of such construction as readily to permit their thorough cleaning, and such docks and rooms should be kept clean at all times.

(e) Floors in live rabbit holding rooms shall be cleaned with such regularity as may be necessary to maintain them in a sanitary condition.

(f) The killing and skinning room shall be kept clean and free from offensive odors at all times.

(g) The walls, floors, and all equipment and utensils used in the killing and skinning room shall be thoroughly washed and cleaned after each day's operation.

(h) The floor in the killing and skinning rooms shall be cleaned frequently during killing and skinning operations and be kept reasonably free from accumulated blood, offal, water, and dirt.

(i) All equipment in the toilet room and locker room, as well as the room itself, shall be kept clean, sanitary, and in good repair.

(j) Cooler and freezer rooms shall be free from objectionable odors of any kind and shall be maintained in a sanitary condition (including, but not being limited to, the prevention of drippings from refrigerating coils onto products).