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§ 2395. General authorities
(a) Manner of furnishing assistance; emphasis on loans

Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, assistance under this chapter may be furnished on a grant basis or on such terms, including cash, credit, or other terms of repayment (including repayment in foreign currencies or by transfer to the United States Government of commodities) as may be determined to be best suited to the achievement of the purposes of this chapter, and shall emphasize loans rather than grants wherever possible.

(b) Authority of the President

The President may make loans, advances, and grants to, make and perform agreements and contracts with, or enter into other transactions with, any individual, corporation, or other body of persons, friendly government or government agency, whether within or without the United States, and international organizations in furtherance of the purposes and within the limitations of this chapter.

(c) Utilization of services and facilities of voluntary, nonprofit organizations

It is the sense of Congress that the President, in furthering the purposes of this chapter, shall use to the maximum extent practicable the services and facilities of voluntary, nonprofit organizations registered with, and approved by, the Agency for International Development.

(d) Acceptance of gifts, devises, bequests, grants, etc.

The President may accept and use in furtherance of the purposes of this chapter, money, funds, property, and services of any kind made available by gift, devise, bequest, grant, or otherwise for such purpose.

(e) Health and accident insurance for foreign participants and foreign employees
(1) Any agency of the United States Government is authorized to pay the cost of health and accident insurance for foreign participants in any program of furnishing technical information and assistance administered by such agency while such participants are absent from their homes for the purpose of participation in such program.
(2) Any agency of the United States Government is authorized to pay the cost of health and accident insurance for foreign employees of that agency while those employees are absent from their place of employment abroad for purposes of training or other official duties.
(f) Admission of alien participants

Alien participants in any program of furnishing technical information and assistance under this chapter may be admitted to the United States if otherwise qualified as nonimmigrants under section 1101(a)(15) of title 8, for such time and under such conditions as may be prescribed by regulations promulgated by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General.

(g) Powers and authorities of the President with respect to loansIn making loans under this chapter, the President—
(1) may issue letters of credit and letters of commitment;
(2) may collect or compromise any obligations assigned to, or held by, and any legal or equitable rights accruing to him, and, as he may determine, refer any such obligations or rights to the Attorney General for suit or collection;
(3) may acquire and dispose of, upon such terms and conditions as he may determine, any property, including any instrument evidencing indebtedness or ownership (provided that equity securities may not be directly purchased although such securities may be acquired by other means such as by exercise of conversion rights or through enforcement of liens or pledges or otherwise to satisfy a previously incurred indebtedness), and guarantee payment against any such instrument;
(4) may determine the character of, and necessity for, obligations and expenditures of funds used in making such loans and the manner in which they shall be incurred, allowed, and paid, subject to provisions of law specifically applicable to corporations of the United States Government; and
(5) shall cause to be maintained an integral set of accounts which shall be audited by the Government Accountability Office in accordance with principles and procedures applicable to commercial corporate transactions as provided by chapter 91 of title 31.
(h) Term of contracts and agreements

A contract or agreement which entails commitments for the expenditure of funds made available under part I (except development loans) and subpart II of part II of subchapter I and under subchapter II of this chapter, may, subject to any future action of the Congress, extend at any time for not more than five years.

(i) Settlement and arbitration of claims arising under investment guaranty operations

Claims arising as a result of investment guaranty operations may be settled, and disputes arising as a result thereof may be arbitrated with the consent of the parties, on such terms and conditions as the President may direct. Payment made pursuant to any such settlement, or as a result of an arbitration award, shall be final and conclusive notwithstanding any other provision of law.

(j) Financial transactions with foreign governments; exemption

The provisions of section 955 of title 18 shall not apply to prevent any person, including any individual, partnership, corporation, or association, from acting for, or participating in, any operation or transaction arising under this chapter, or from acquiring any obligation issued in connection with any operation or transaction arising under this chapter.

(k) Cost-type contracts with educational institutions; payment of reimbursable indirect costs

Any cost-type contract or agreement (including grants) entered into with a university, college, or other educational institution for the purpose of carrying out programs authorized by subchapter I of this chapter may provide for the payment of the reimbursable indirect costs of said university, college, or other educational institution on the basis of predetermined fixed-percentage rates applied to the total, or an element thereof, of the reimbursable direct costs incurred.

(l) Program oversight

The Administrator of the agency primarily responsible for administering subchapter I of this chapter may use funds made available under that subchapter to provide program and management oversight for activities that are funded under that subchapter and that are conducted in countries in which the agency does not have a field mission or office.

(m) Working capital fund
(1) There is established a working capital fund (in this subsection referred to as the “fund”) for the United States Agency for International Development (in this subsection referred to as the “Agency”) which shall be available without fiscal year limitation for the expenses of personal and nonpersonal services, equipment, and supplies for—
(A) International Cooperative Administrative Support Services; and
(B) rebates from the use of United States Government credit cards.
(2) The capital of the fund shall consist of—
(A) the fair and reasonable value of such supplies, equipment, and other assets pertaining to the functions of the fund as the Administrator determines,
(B) rebates from the use of United States Government credit cards, and
(C) any appropriations made available for the purpose of providing capital,
minus related liabilities.
(3) The fund shall be reimbursed or credited with advance payments for services, equipment, or supplies provided from the fund from applicable appropriations and funds of the Agency, other Federal agencies and other sources authorized by section 2357 of this title at rates that will recover total expenses of operation, including accrual of annual leave and depreciation. Receipts from the disposal of, or payments for the loss or damage to, property held in the fund, rebates, reimbursements, refunds and other credits applicable to the operation of the fund may be deposited in the fund.
(4) At the close of each fiscal year the Administrator of the Agency shall transfer out of the fund to the miscellaneous receipts account of the Treasury of the United States such amounts as the Administrator determines to be in excess of the needs of the fund.
(5) The fund may be charged with the current value of supplies and equipment returned to the working capital of the fund by a post, activity, or agency, and the proceeds shall he 11 So in original. Probably should be “be”. credited to current applicable appropriations.
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