Historical and Revision Notes

Based on section 228 of title 31, U.S.C., 1940 ed., Money and Finance (Feb. 18, 1904, ch. 160, § 1, 33 Stat. 41; June 10, 1921, ch. 18, § 304, 42 Stat. 24).

Similar provisions of section 228 of title 31, U.S.C., 1940 ed., relating to judgments of the court of claims are incorporated in section 2517 of this title.

The second paragraph was added to make clear that the payment of judgments not appealed may be expedited by certificate to that effect.

Changes were made in phraseology.


2011—Pub. L. 111–350 substituted “chapter 71 of title 41” for “the Contract Disputes Act of 1978” in first par.

1996—Pub. L. 104–316 in first par. substituted “Secretary of the Treasury” for “General Accounting Office” in two places.

1980—Pub. L. 96–417 provided for payment of final judgments rendered by the Court of International Trade against the United States on settlements by the General Accounting Office.

1978—Pub. L. 95–563 inserted Contract Disputes Act of 1978 exception.

1961—Pub. L. 87–187 provided for payment of final judgments rendered by a State or foreign court against the United States, its agencies or officials and compromise settlements and substituted “and compromise settlements” for “against the United States” in section catchline.

Effective Date of 1980 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 96–417 effective Nov. 1, 1980, and applicable with respect to civil actions pending on or commenced on or after such date, see section 701(a) of Pub. L. 96–417, set out as a note under section 251 of this title.

Effective Date of 1978 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 95–563 effective with respect to contracts entered into 120 days after Nov. 1, 1978, and, at the election of the contractor, with respect to any claim pending at such time before the contracting officer or initiated thereafter, see section 16 of Pub. L. 95–563, Nov. 1, 1978, 92 Stat. 2391, formerly set out as an Effective Date note under section 601 of former Title 41, Public Contracts.