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§ 32502.
Bumper standards
General Requirements and Nonapplication.—
The Secretary of Transportation shall prescribe by regulation bumper standards for passenger motor vehicles and may prescribe by regulation bumper standards for passenger motor vehicle equipment manufactured in, or imported into, the United States. A standard does not apply to a passenger motor vehicle or passenger motor vehicle equipment—
(1) intended only for export;
(2) labeled for export on the vehicle or equipment and the outside of any container of the vehicle or equipment; and
(3) exported.
A standard under this section—
(1) may not conflict with a motor vehicle safety standard prescribed under chapter 301 of this title;
(2) may not specify a dollar amount for the cost of repairing damage to a passenger motor vehicle; and
(3) to the greatest practicable extent, may not preclude the attachment of a detachable hitch.
For good cause, the Secretary may exempt from all or any part of a standard—
(1) a multipurpose passenger vehicle;
(2) a make, model, or class of a passenger motor vehicle manufactured for a special use, if the standard would interfere unreasonably with the special use of the vehicle; or
(3) a passenger motor vehicle for which an application for an exemption under section 30013(b) 1
1 So in original. Probably should be section “30113(b)”.
of this title has been filed in accordance with the requirements of that section.
Cost Reduction and Considerations.—
When prescribing a standard under this section, the Secretary shall design the standard to obtain the maximum feasible reduction of costs to the public, considering—
(1) the costs and benefits of carrying out the standard;
(2) the effect of the standard on insurance costs and legal fees and costs;
(3) savings in consumer time and inconvenience; and
(4) health and safety, including emission standards.
Section 553 of title 5 applies to a standard prescribed under this section. However, the Secretary shall give an interested person an opportunity to make oral and written presentations of information, views, and arguments. A transcript of each oral presentation shall be kept. Under conditions prescribed by the Secretary, the Secretary may conduct a hearing to resolve an issue of fact material to a standard.
Effective Date.—
The Secretary shall prescribe an effective date for a standard under this section. That date may not be earlier than the date the standard is prescribed nor later than 18 months after the date the standard is prescribed. However, the Secretary may prescribe a later date when the Secretary submits to Congress and publishes the reasons for the later date. A standard only applies to a passenger motor vehicle or passenger motor vehicle equipment manufactured on or after the effective date.
The Secretary shall conduct research necessary to carry out this chapter.
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