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§ 332.
Minority Resource Center
(a) In this section, “minority” includes women.
The Department of Transportation has a Minority Resource Center. The Center may—
(1) include a national information clearinghouse for minority entrepreneurs and businesses to disseminate information to them on business opportunities related to the maintenance, rehabilitation, restructuring, improvement, and revitalization of the railroads of the United States;
(2) carry out market research, planning, economic and business analyses, and feasibility studies to identify those business opportunities;
(3) assist minority entrepreneurs and businesses in obtaining investment capital and debt financing;
(4) design and carry out programs to encourage, promote, and assist minority entrepreneurs and businesses in getting contracts, subcontracts, and projects related to those business opportunities;
(5) develop support mechanisms (including venture capital, surety and bonding organizations, and management and technical services) that will enable minority entrepreneurs and businesses to take advantage of those business opportunities;
(6) participate in, and cooperate with, United States Government programs and other programs designed to provide financial, management, and other forms of support and assistance to minority entrepreneurs and businesses; and
(7) make arrangements to carry out this section.
(c) The Center has an advisory committee of 5 individuals appointed by the Secretary of Transportation. The Secretary shall make the appointments from lists of qualified individuals recommended by minority-dominated trade associations in the minority business community. Each of those trade associations may submit a list of not more than 3 qualified individuals.
(d) The United States Railway Association, the Consolidated Rail Corporation, and the Secretary shall provide the Center with relevant information (including procurement schedules, bids, and specifications on particular maintenance, rehabilitation, restructuring, improvement, and revitalization projects) the Center requests in carrying out this section.
Bonding Assistance.—
In general.—
The Secretary, acting through the Minority Resource Center established under subsection (b), shall provide assistance in obtaining bid, payment, and performance bonds by disadvantaged business enterprises pursuant to subsection (b)(4).
Authorization of appropriation.—
There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary for each of fiscal years 2005 through 2009 to carry out activities under this subsection.
(Pub. L. 97–449, § 1(b), Jan. 12, 1983, 96 Stat. 2428; Pub. L. 109–59, title I, § 1951, Aug. 10, 2005, 119 Stat. 1514.)