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§ 241. Definitions
In this chapter:
(1) Agricultural product

The term “agricultural product” means an agricultural commodity, as determined by the Secretary, including a processed product of an agricultural commodity.

(2) Approval

The term “approval” means the consent provided by the Secretary for a person to engage in an activity authorized by this chapter.

(3) Department

The term “Department” means the Department of Agriculture.

(4) Electronic document

The term “electronic document” means a document that is generated, sent, received, or stored by electronic, optical, or similar means, including electronic data interchange, electronic mail, telegram, telex, or telecopy.

(5) Electronic receipt

The term “electronic receipt” means a receipt that is authorized by the Secretary to be issued or transmitted under this chapter in the form of an electronic document.

(6) Holder

The term “holder” means a person that has possession in fact or by operation of law of a receipt or any electronic document.

(7) Person
The term “person” means—
(A) a person (as defined in section 1 of title 1);
(B) a State; and
(C) a political subdivision of a State.
(8) Receipt

The term “receipt” means a warehouse receipt issued in accordance with this chapter, including an electronic receipt.

(9) Secretary

The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of Agriculture.

(10) Warehouse

The term “warehouse” means a structure or other approved storage facility, as determined by the Secretary, in which any agricultural product may be stored or handled for the purposes of interstate or foreign commerce.

(11) Warehouse operator

The term “warehouse operator” means a person that is lawfully engaged in the business of storing or handling agricultural products.

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