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§ 320301.
National monuments
Presidential Declaration.—
The President may, in the President’s discretion, declare by public proclamation historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest that are situated on land owned or controlled by the Federal Government to be national monuments.
Reservation of Land.—
The President may reserve parcels of land as a part of the national monuments. The limits of the parcels shall be confined to the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected.
Relinquishment to Federal Government.—
When an object is situated on a parcel covered by a bona fide unperfected claim or held in private ownership, the parcel, or so much of the parcel as may be necessary for the proper care and management of the object, may be relinquished to the Federal Government and the Secretary may accept the relinquishment of the parcel on behalf of the Federal Government.
Limitation on Extension or Establishment of National Monuments in Wyoming.—
No extension or establishment of national monuments in Wyoming may be undertaken except by express authorization of Congress.
(Pub. L. 113–287, § 3, Dec. 19, 2014, 128 Stat. 3259.)
§ 320302.
Authority To Grant Permit.—
The Secretary, the Secretary of Agriculture, or the Secretary of the Army may grant a permit for the examination of ruins, the excavation of archeological sites, and the gathering of objects of antiquity on land under their respective jurisdictions to an institution that the Secretary concerned considers properly qualified to conduct the examination, excavation, or gathering, subject to such regulations as the Secretary concerned may prescribe.
Purpose of Examination, Excavation, or Gathering.—
A permit may be granted only if—
(1) the examination, excavation, or gathering is undertaken for the benefit of a reputable museum, university, college, or other recognized scientific or educational institution, with a view to increasing the knowledge of the objects; and
(2) the gathering shall be made for permanent preservation in a public museum.
(Pub. L. 113–287, § 3, Dec. 19, 2014, 128 Stat. 3260.)
§ 320303.

The Secretary, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Secretary of the Army shall make and publish uniform regulations for the purpose of carrying out this chapter.

(Pub. L. 113–287, § 3, Dec. 19, 2014, 128 Stat. 3260.)