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§ 60.30d - Designated facilities.

Sulfuric acid production units. The designated facility to which §§ 60.31d and 60.32d apply is each existing “sulfuric acid production unit” as defined in § 60.81(a) of subpart H of this part.

§ 60.31d - Emissions guidelines.

Sulfuric acid production units. The emission guideline for designated facilities is 0.25 grams sulfuric acid mist (as measured by EPA Reference Method 8 of appendix A of this part) per kilogram (0.5 pounds per ton) of sulfuric acid produced, the production being expressed as 100 percent sulfuric acid.

§ 60.32d - Compliance times.

Sulfuric acid production units. Planning, awarding of contracts, and installation of equipment capable of attaining the level of the emission guideline established under § 60.31d can be accomplished within 17 months after the effective date of a State emission standard for sulfuric acid mist.