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§ 86.30 - Nature and purpose of direct traineeships.

A direct traineeship is an award of funds directly from the Federal Government to an individual (herein called the “trainee”) for his subsistence and other expenses during a period in which he is acquiring training (a) in the occupational safety and health professions, (b) for research relating to occupational safety and health, or (c) for teaching in occupational safety and health.

§ 86.31 - Eligibility; minimum requirements.

In order to be eligible for an award under this subpart an applicant must:

(a) Have been accepted by a public or private institution for the purpose of the activity for which the traineeship is sought.

(b) Be a U.S. citizen, an alien lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence or a permanent resident of Guam, American Samoa, or the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

[40 FR 29076, July 10, 1975, as amended at 47 FR 53012, Nov. 24, 1982]

§ 86.32 - Application for direct traineeship.

An application for a direct traineeship under this subpart shall be submitted to the Secretary at such times and in such form and manner as he may prescribe. 1 In addition to the information supplied by the applicant in his application, such further information may be required as is necessary to determine his or her qualifications.

1 Applications and instructions may be obtained from the Procurement and Grants Office, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA 30333.

[40 FR 29076, July 10, 1975, as amended at 49 FR 38117, Sept. 27, 1984]

§ 86.33 - Human subjects; animal welfare.

Where the application is for training at a non-Federal institution, no award may be made under this subpart unless said institution has complied with:

(a) 45 CFR part 46 pertaining to the protection of human subjects; and

(b) Chapter 1-43 of the Department Grants Administration Manual 2 concerning animal welfare.

2 See footnote 2 to § 86.19.

§ 86.34 - Evaluation and award of direct traineeships.

Within the limits of funds available for such purpose and subject to the regulations of this part, the Secretary may award direct traineeships to those qualified applicants who are in his judgment best able to carry out the purpose of the traineeships taking into consideration the need for training in the area of study specified in the application.

§ 86.35 - Payments.

(a) Individuals receiving awards shall be entitled to such stipends and allowances as the Secretary may designate, taking into account such factors as the needs of the program, the cost of living, and the availability of funds.


These are prescribed in chapter 3-140 of the Department Grants Administration Manual 2).

(b) Payments of stipends and allowances will, at the discretion of the Secretary, be made directly to the trainee or to the sponsoring institution for payment directly to the trainee.

§ 86.36 - Duration and continuation.

Direct traineeship awards may be made for varying periods not in excess of 2 years. The Secretary may make one or more continuation awards for an additional period if he finds that satisfactory progress is being made toward accomplishment of the purpose of the initial traineeship award. Additional support may be provided on appropriate justification after expiration of the period of support in the previous award.

§ 86.37 - Terms and conditions.

All direct traineeship awards shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

(a) Training must be carried out at an institution found by the Secretary to provide a well-rounded course of instruction in the particular area of training for which the traineeship is awarded.

(b) No direct traineeship may be utilized to compensate any trainee for personal services or employment on behalf of the United States or any person.

§ 86.38 - Accountability.

Accountability for payments will be subject to such requirements as may be specified by the Secretary.

§ 86.39 - Termination of direct traineeship.

(a) The Secretary may terminate a direct traineeship at any time upon request of the trainee.

(b) After reasonable notice to the trainee and an opportunity for the presentation of the trainee's views and relevant evidence, the Secretary may terminate any direct traineeship prior to the date it would otherwise expire upon a determination that the trainee's performance is unsatisfactory, that the trainee is no longer attending the sponsoring institution, or that he or she is unfit or unable to carry out the purpose of the traineeship.

(c) The views and evidence of the trainee shall be presented in writing unless the Secretary determines that an oral presentation is desirable.