Collapse to view only § 31.05-5 - Posting the certificate of inspection - TB/ALL.

§ 31.05-1 - Issuance of certificate of inspection - TB/ALL.

(a) When a tank vessel is found to comply with all applicable regulations, including the applicable provisions of subchapters E, F, J, O, Q, S, and W of this chapter and of 33 CFR parts 104, 155, and 157, the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection will issue a certificate of inspection to the vessel or to its owners.

(b) Certificates of inspection for tank vessels shall be similar in form to certificates issued to other cargo vessels, and in addition to the manning requirements and waters over which they may be operated, they shall be appropriately endorsed Inspected and approved for the carriage of flammable or combustible liquids of Grade A, B, C, D, or E (as the case may be), and such endorsement shall serve as a permit for such vessel to operate. The endorsement for the carriage of liquefied flammable gases is set forth in § 38.01-5 of this subchapter.

(c) The certificate of inspection shall be delivered to the master or owner of the tank vessel to which it relates.

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§ 31.05-5 - Posting the certificate of inspection - TB/ALL.

The certificate of inspection shall be framed under glass and posted in a conspicuous part of the vessel, except that where it is not practicable to so expose the certificate of inspection it shall be carried in the vessel in such manner as authorized by the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection.

§ 31.05-10 - Period of validity for a Certificate of Inspection - TB/ALL.

(a) A Certificate of Inspection is valid for 5 years.

(b) Application may be made by the master, owner, or agent for inspection and issuance of a new certificate of inspection at any time during the period of validity of the current certificate.

(c) Certificates of inspection may be revoked or suspended by the Coast Guard where such process is authorized by law. This may occur if the vessel does not meet the requirements of law or regulations in this chapter or if there is a failure to maintain the safety requirements requisite to the issuance of a certificate of inspection.

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§ 31.05-15 - Certificate of inspection; terms; endorsements - TB/ALL.

The terms, endorsements and conditions set forth on a certificate of inspection shall have the same force and effect as the regulations contained in this subchapter.