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§ 22.41 - Application procedures.

(a) A STLP loan guarantee request application package shall consist of the DOT OSDBU Application for Loan Guarantee and supporting documentation as outlined below at paragraph (b) of this section. The application may be obtained directly from the office of DOT OSDBU, from a current Participating Lender, or online from the agency's Web site, currently at

(b) Supporting documentation may include, but is not limited to, the following items: Business, trade or job performance reference letters; current DBE or SDB eligibility certification letters and/or affidavit; signed and dated borrower certification that all federal, state and local taxes are current; business tax returns; business financial statements; personal income tax returns; personal financial statements; schedule of work in progress; signed and dated copy of transportation-related contracts; business debt schedule; income and cash flow projections; and evidence of bonding and insurance. It also includes, from the Participating Lender, the lender's internal credit approval memo and analysis and other third-party credit verifications obtained.

(c) Application packages are submitted directly to a Participating Lender, which will perform its own credit review. The Participating Lender must initially approve or decline the loan based upon its internal analysis of the request. Loans approved by the Participating Lender are then forwarded to DOT OSDBU for its STLP eligibility review, independent credit review, and for presentation to the DOT OSDBU Loan Committee. All loan approvals shall require the final approval of the Director, or the Director's designee, for the issuance of a Government Loan Guarantee.

§ 22.43 - Approval or denial.

If a loan guarantee is approved by DOT OSDBU, a Guarantee Agreement, form DOT F 2314-1, will be issued to the Participating Lender. If a loan guarantee is declined by the Participating Lender, the Participating Lender is responsible for communicating the reasons for the decline to the applicant. The Participating Lender must notify the applicant, in writing, of the reasons for the decline; and a copy of this notification must be sent to DOT OSDBU. If a loan guarantee is declined by the DOT OSDBU, DOT OSDBU will be responsible for communicating the reasons for the decline to the applicant. The form is available at

§ 22.45 - Allowable fees to borrowers.

(a) Application Fees. The Participating Lender may charge the applicant a non-refundable loan application fee, as determined from time to time by DOT OSDBU, for each STLP loan application processed, whether a new loan request or a renewal request.

(b) Reasonable Closing Expenses. Provided the Participating Lender charges similar fees to its non-STLP borrowers, the Participating Lender may collect reasonable closing expenses from the borrower, provided that full disclosure of such fees is made to the borrower prior to the loan closing date. These expenses include necessary out-of-pocket expenses to third parties such as filing and recordation fees, as well as loan closing document preparation fees.