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§ 240.11 - Unlawful representations.

(a) No implication or representation of limiting losses. No banking institution engaged in retail foreign exchange transactions or its related persons may imply or represent that it will, with respect to any retail customer forex account, for or on behalf of any person:

(1) Guarantee such person or account against loss;

(2) Limit the loss of such person or account; or

(3) Not call for or attempt to collect margin as established for retail forex customers.

(b) No implication of representation of engaging in prohibited acts. No banking institution or its related persons may in any way imply or represent that it will engage in any of the acts or practices described in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) No Federal government endorsement. No banking institution or its related persons may represent or imply in any manner whatsoever that any retail forex transaction or retail forex product has been sponsored, recommended, or approved by the Board, the Federal government, or any agency thereof.

(d) Assuming or sharing of liability from bank error. This section shall not be construed to prevent a banking institution from assuming or sharing in the losses resulting from the banking institution's error or mishandling of a retail forex transaction.

(e) Certain guaranties unaffected. This section shall not affect any guarantee entered into prior to the effective date of this part, but this section shall apply to any extension, modification or renewal thereof entered into after such date.