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§ 250.404 - Serving as director of member bank and corporation selling own stock.

(a) The Board recently considered the question whether section 32 of the Banking Act of 1933 (12 U.S.C. 78) would be applicable to the service of a director of a corporation which planned to acquire or organize, as proceeds from the sale of stock became available, subsidiaries to operate in a wide variety of fields, including manufacturing, foreign trade, leasing of heavy equipment, and real estate development. The corporation had a paid-in capital of about $60,000 and planned to sell additional shares at a price totaling $10 million, with the proviso that if less than $3 million worth were sold by March 1962, the funds subscribed would be refunded. It thus appeared to be contemplated that the sale of stock would take at least a year, and there appeared to be no reason for believing that, if the venture proved successful, additional shares would not be offered so that the corporation could continue to expand.

(b) The Board concluded that section 32 would be applicable, stating that although § 218.102, as clarified by § 218.104, related to closed-end investment companies, the rationale of that interpretation is applicable to corporations generally.

[26 FR 2456, Mar. 23, 1961. Redesignated at 61 FR 57289, Nov. 6, 1996]