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§ 269.11 - Federal Reserve System Labor Relations Panel.

There shall be established a Federal Reserve System Labor Relations Panel, which shall consist of three members: one member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, who shall be Chairperson of the Panel, and two public members. Each member shall be selected by the Board of Governors; provided, however, that the public members shall not have any present or past affiliation with the Federal Reserve System. Initially, one of the two public members shall be appointed for a term of two years, and the other for a term of three years. Thereafter, each public member shall be appointed for a term of three years, except that in the case of an unexpired term of a former member, the successor shall be appointed to fill such unexpired term. Upon the expiration of their term of office, public members may continue to serve until their successors are appointed and have qualified. A public member may be removed by the Board only upon notice and hearing, and only for neglect of duty or malfeasance in office. The Panel shall be responsible for the duties assigned to it as set forth in this Policy.