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§ 269b.230 - Assessment of costs; posting of bond.

(a) The panel shall normally bear the costs of an investigation conducted pursuant to § 269b.210, but the panel may require that the charging party, the respondent, and/or other parties in interest or intervenors, or several of them, shall bear a portion or all of the costs therefor. With respect to each case where an investigation is directed by the panel, the charging party may, in the discretion of the panel, be required to file a cost bond, or equivalent security, of $500, unless the panel fixes a different amount.

(b) Among the circumstances that may be the basis for payment of costs by other than the panel are cases where a clearly spurious charge has been filed or where the filing of a charge was necessary to redress the respondent's flagrant misconduct.

(c) The bond or equivalent security shall be to secure the payment of the costs of the investigation as may be assessed by the panel. In those cases where the panel does not assess such costs, the bond posted and the cost thereof shall be reimbursed to the charging party. The panel may require also the posting of a cost bond by the respondent or other party to the proceeding, who shall be entitled to reimbursement of the cost of the bond in the event that no costs of investigation are assessed upon such party by the panel.

(d) Notification of the panel's decision that a bond shall be required shall be effected by registered mail, such notice to advise of the amount of the bond required and the period by which it shall be posted.

(e) Absent good cause shown, failure of a party to file timely such cost bond or equivalent security may be ground for dismissal or other administrative sanctions deemed appropriate by the Panel.