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§ 269b.240 - The investigation.

(a) The purpose of the investigation is (1) to ascertain, analyze, and apply the relevant facts in order to determine whether or not formal proceedings are warranted and (2) to assist, by mediation and other appropriate means, the parties to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of the issues as an alternative to the hearing process. In so doing, the investigator is not limited to the allegations set forth in the charge and may advise the charging party to amend his charge. In addition, he should adduce facts pertaining to the remedy as well as to the alleged violation. Investigation should also adduce facts pertaining to the jurisdiction of the panel and the timeliness of the charge. If the charge is untimely on its face, no investigation shall be required except to determine whether or not attending circumstances warrant waiving the time requirements, set forth in § 269b.110. The investigator may request the appearance of parties and witnesses, may cause, the production of relevant document, and may take or cause depositions to be taken.

(b) When the investigation has been completed, the Center shall issue a written determination whether the charging party has established a prima facie case, whether the charge was timely filed, and whether the charge is within the jurisdiction of the panel, and reasons therefor. This determination shall be served upon the panel and all parties. The panel shall receive also the complete report of the investigator.