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§ 269b.420 - Designation of hearing officer.

(a) The panel, absent special circumstances, shall employ the center to select the hearing officer to conduct the hearing at a site most convenient to the parties and witnesses. The individual who performed the investigation, pursuant to § 269b.210, shall be barred from acting as a hearing officer on the same matter, unless all parties in interest agree to his participation. The selection of the hearing officer, to the extent practicable, shall be done with the concurrence of the parties.

(b) Any party may request the hearing officer, at any time following his designation and before the filing of his decision, to withdraw on grounds of previously demonstrated personal bias, conflict of interest, or prejudice by filing with him promptly upon the discovery of the alleged facts a timely affidavit setting forth in detail the matters alleged to constitute grounds for disqualification. If, in the opinion of the hearing officer, such affidavit is filed with due diligence and is sufficient on its face, he shall forthwith disqualify himself and withdraw from the proceeding. If he does not so withdraw, he shall so rule upon the record, stating the grounds for his ruling and proceed with the hearing, or, if the hearing has closed, he shall proceed with the issuance of his decision, and his ruling shall be subject to the same review by the panel that is given to the rest of his decision.

(c) The costs of conducting the hearing and of the hearing officer shall be borne by the panel. Witness fees and expenses shall be paid by the party at whose instance the witnesses appear.