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§ 269b.450 - Submission of hearing officer's report to the panel.

After the close of the hearing, and the receipt of briefs, if any, the hearing officer shall prepare a report and recommendations, containing findings of fact, conclusions of law, including judgments as to the credibility of witnesses where appropriate, and the reasons or basis therefor, and recommendations as to the disposition of the case, and, where appropriate, including the remedial action and notices to be posted. After he has caused his report and recommendations to be served promptly on all parties to the proceeding, he shall transfer the case to the panel including his report and recommendations and the complete record. Such submission shall be made within 20 days after the close of the hearing and the receipt of briefs, if any, unless otherwise extended by the panel. The record shall include the charge, notice of hearing, service sheet, motions, rulings, orders, official transcript of the hearing, stipulations, objections, depositions, documentary evidence, exhibits, and any briefs or other documents submitted to the parties.