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§ 272.3 - Meetings.

(a) Place and frequency. The Committee meets in Washington, DC, at least four times each year and oftener if deemed necessary. Meetings are held upon the call of the Chair of the Board or at the request of any three members of the Committee. Notices of calls by the Chair of the Board to other members are given by the Secretary of the Committee in writing, by telephone, or electronic means. Requests of any three members for the calling of a meeting shall state the time therefor and shall be filed in writing, by telephone, or electronic means with the Secretary who shall forthwith notify all members of the Committee in writing, by telephone, or electronic means. When the Secretary has sent notices to all members of the Committee that a meeting has been requested by three members and of the time therefor, a meeting is deemed to have been called. If, in the judgment of the Chair, circumstances require that a meeting be called at such short notice that one or more members cannot be present in person, such members may participate in the meeting by telephone conference arrangements or by electronic means.

(b) Alternates. Whenever any member of the Committee representing Federal Reserve banks shall find that the member will be unable to attend a meeting of the Committee, the member shall promptly notify the member's alternate and the Secretary of the Committee in writing, by telephone, or electronic means, and upon receipt of such notice such alternate shall advise the Secretary whether the alternate will attend such meeting.

(c) Quorum. Seven members, at least one of whom represents a Federal Reserve Bank, constitute a quorum of the Committee for purposes of transacting business except that, if there are fewer than seven members in office, then the number of members in office constitute a quorum. For purposes of this paragraph (c), members of the Committee include alternates acting in the absence of members. Less than a quorum may adjourn a meeting of the Committee from time to time until a quorum is in attendance.

(d) Attendance at meetings. Attendance at Committee meetings is restricted to members and alternate members of the Committee, the Presidents of Federal Reserve Banks who are not at the time members or alternates, staff officers of the Committee, the Manager, and such other advisers as the Committee may invite from time to time.

(e) Meeting agendas. The Secretary, in consultation with the Chair, prepares an agenda of matters to be discussed at each meeting and the Secretary transmits the agenda to the members of the Committee within a reasonable time in advance of such meeting. In general, the agendas include reports by the Manager on open market operations since the previous meeting, and ratification by the Committee of such operations; reports by Economists on, and Committee discussion of, the economic and financial situation and outlook; Committee discussion of monetary policy and action with respect thereto; and such other matters as may be considered necessary.

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