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§ 704.1 - Scope.

(a) This part establishes special rules for all federally insured corporate credit unions. Non-federally insured corporate credit unions must agree, by written contract, to both adhere to the requirements of this part and submit to examinations, as determined by NCUA, as a condition of receiving shares or deposits from federally insured credit unions. This part grants certain additional authorities to federal corporate credit unions. Except to the extent that they are inconsistent with this part, other provisions of NCUA's Rules and Regulations (12 CFR chapter VII) and the Federal Credit Union Act apply to federally chartered corporate credit unions and federally insured state-chartered corporate credit unions to the same extent that they apply to other federally chartered and federally insured state-chartered credit unions, respectively.

(b) The Board has the authority to issue orders which vary from this part. This authority is provided under Section 120(a) of the Federal Credit Union Act, 12 U.S.C. 1766(a). Requests by state-chartered corporate credit unions for waivers to this part and for expansions of authority under appendix B of this part must be approved by the state regulator before being submitted to NCUA.

[62 FR 12938, Mar. 19, 1997, as amended at 84 FR 1606, Feb. 5, 2019; 85 FR 62211, Oct. 2, 2020]