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§ 704.12 - Permissible services.

(a) Preapproved services. A corporate credit union may provide to members the preapproved services set out in this section. NCUA may at any time, based upon supervisory, legal, or safety and soundness reasons, limit or prohibit any preapproved service. The specific activities listed within each preapproved category are provided as illustrations of activities permissible under the particular category, not as an exclusive or exhaustive list.

(1) Correspondent services agreement. A corporate credit union may only provide financial services to nonmembers through a correspondent services agreement. A correspondent services agreement is an agreement between two corporate credit unions, whereby one of the corporate credit unions agrees to provide services to the other corporate credit union or its members.

(2) Credit and investment services. Credit and investment services are advisory and consulting activities that assist the member in lending or investment management. These services may include loan reviews, investment portfolio reviews and investment advisory services.

(3) Electronic financial services. Electronic financial services are any services, products, functions, or activities that a corporate credit union is otherwise authorized to perform, provide or deliver to its members but performed through electronic means. Electronic services may include automated teller machines, online transaction processing through a website, website hosting services, account aggregation services, and internet access services to perform or deliver products or services to members.

(4) Excess capacity. Excess capacity is the excess use or capacity remaining in facilities, equipment or services that: a corporate credit union properly invested in or established, in good faith, with the intent of serving its members; and it reasonably anticipates will be taken up by the future expansion of services to its members. A corporate credit union may sell or lease the excess capacity in facilities, equipment or services, such as office space, employees and data processing.

(5) Liquidity and asset and liability management. Liquidity and asset and liability management services are any services, functions or activities that assist the member in liquidity and balance sheet management. These services may include liquidity planning and balance sheet modeling and analysis.

(6) Operational services. Operational services are services established to deliver financial products and services that enhance member service and promote safe and sound operations. Operational services may include tax payment, electronic fund transfers and providing coin and currency service.

(7) Payment systems. Payment systems are any methods used to facilitate the movement of funds for transactional purposes. Payment systems may include Automated Clearing House, wire transfer, item processing and settlement services.

(8) Trustee or custodial services. Trustee services are services in which the corporate credit union is authorized to act under a written trust agreement to the extent permitted under part 724 of this chapter. Custodial and safekeeping services are services a corporate credit union performs on behalf of its member to act as custodian or safekeeper of investments.

(b) Procedure for adding services that are not preapproved. To provide a service to its members that is not preapproved by NCUA:

(1) A federal corporate credit union must request approval from NCUA. The request must include a full explanation and complete documentation of the service and how the service relates to a corporate credit union's authority to provide services to its members. The request must be submitted jointly to the Director of the Office of National Examinations and Supervision and the Secretary of the Board. The request will be treated as a petition to amend § 704.12 and NCUA will request public comment or otherwise act on the petition within a reasonable period of time. Before engaging in the formal approval process, a corporate credit union should seek an advisory opinion from NCUA's Office of General Counsel as to whether a proposed service is already covered by one of the authorized categories without filing a petition to amend the regulation; and

(2) A state-chartered corporate credit union must submit a request for a waiver that complies with § 704.1(b) to the Director of the Office of National Examinations and Supervision.

(c) Prohibition. A corporate credit union is prohibited from purchasing loan servicing rights.

[67 FR 65656, Oct. 25, 2002, as amended at 78 FR 32544, May 31, 2013]