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§ 704.22 - Membership fees.

(a) A corporate credit union may charge its members a membership fee. The fee may be one-time or periodic.

(b) The corporate credit union must calculate the fee uniformly for all members as a percentage of each member's assets, except that the corporate credit union may reduce the amount of the fee for members that have contributed capital to the corporate credit union. Any reduction must be proportional to the amount of the member's nondepleted contributed capital.

(c) The corporate credit union must give its members at least six months advance notice of any initial or new fee, including terms and conditions, before invoicing the fee. For a recurring fee, the corporate credit union must also give six months notice of any material change to the terms and conditions of the fee.

(d) The corporate credit union may terminate the membership of any credit union that fails to pay the fee in full within 60 days of the invoice date.

[76 FR 23871, Apr. 29, 2011, as amended at 85 FR 62211, Oct. 2, 2020]