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§ 705.10 - Appeals.

(a) Appeals of non-qualification. A Qualifying Credit Union whose application for a loan or technical assistance grant has been denied under § 705.7(f) for failure to satisfy any of the conditions set forth in § 705.7(c), including any additional criteria set forth in the related notice of funding opportunity, may request the Director of the Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives to reconsider the denial and/or appeal that decision to the NCUA Board in accordance with the procedures set forth in subpart B to part 746 of this chapter, subject to the following limitations:

(1) Scope. The scope of the Board's review is limited to the threshold question of qualification and not the issue of whether, among qualified applicants, a particular loan or technical assistance grant is funded.

(2) Appeals procedures inapplicable. The foregoing procedure applies during an open period in which funds are available and NCUA has called for applications. NCUA will reject any application submitted during a period in which NCUA has not called for applications, except for applications submitted under § 705.8. Such rejections are not subject to appeal or review by the NCUA Board.

(b) Appeals of technical assistance grant reimbursement denials. Pursuant to NCUA Interpretative Ruling and Policy Statement 11-1, any Participating Credit Union may appeal a denial of a technical assistance grant reimbursement to NCUA's Supervisory Review Committee. All appeals of technical assistance grant reimbursements must be submitted to the Supervisory Review Committee within 30 days from the date of the denial. The decisions of the Supervisory Review Committee are final and may not be appealed to the NCUA Board.

[81 FR 85113, Nov. 25, 2016, as amended at 82 FR 50293, Oct. 30, 2017]