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§ 705.2 - Definitions.

For purposes of this part, the following terms shall have the meanings assigned to them in this section.

Application means a form supplied by the NCUA by which a Qualifying Credit Union may apply for a loan or a technical assistance grant from the Fund.

Loan is an award in the form of an extension of credit from the Fund to a Participating Credit Union that must be repaid, with interest.

Low-income Members are those members defined in § 701.34 of this chapter.

Notice of Funding Opportunity means the Notice NCUA publishes describing one or more loan or technical assistance grant programs or initiatives currently being supported by the Fund and inviting Qualifying Credit Unions to submit applications to participate in the program(s) or initiatives(s).

Participating Credit Union refers to a Qualifying Credit Union that has submitted an application for a loan or a technical assistance grant from the Fund which has been approved by NCUA. A Participating Credit Union shall not be deemed to be an agency, department, or instrumentality of the United States because of its receipt of a financial award from the Fund.

Program means the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund Program under which NCUA makes loans and technical assistance grants available to credit unions.

Qualifying Credit Union means a credit union that may be, or has agreed to be, examined by NCUA, with a current low-income designation pursuant to § 701.34(a)(1) or § 741.204 of this chapter or, in the case of a non-federally insured credit union, a low-income designation from a state regulator, made under appropriate state standards with the concurrence of NCUA. Services to low-income members must include, at a minimum, offering share accounts and loans.

Technical Assistance Grant means an award of money from the Fund to a Participating Credit Union that does not have to be repaid.

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