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§ 705.5 - Terms and conditions for loans.

(a) NCUA may make loans, in such amounts and subject to such terms and conditions as it may determine, from the Fund to Participating Credit Unions.

(b) Funding Limits. NCUA will publish any applicable loan funding limits in the applicable Notice of Funding Opportunity.

(c) Recording of a loan. At the discretion of NCUA, a loan will be recorded by a Participating Credit Union as either a note payable or a nonmember deposit.

(d) Interest rate. The rate of interest on loans is governed by the CDRLF Loan Interest Rate Policy, which can be found on NCUA's Web site or by contacting NCUA's Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion. The specific interest rate for a particular funding will be announced in the related Notice of Funding Opportunity. The Board will announce changes, if any, to the CDRLF Loan Interest Rate Policy and those changes will apply to loans made under future Notices of Funding Opportunities.

(e) Repayment and maturity. (1) Awards made available through loans, whether recorded as a note payable or nonmember deposit, must be repaid to NCUA. All loans will be scheduled for repayment consistent with sound business practices and the objectives of the Program, but in no case will the term exceed five years.

(2) Interest payments will be required semiannually beginning six months after the initial distribution of a loan.

(3) NCUA may allow flexible repayment of loan principal. Details and specific provisions will be addressed in the Notice of Funding Opportunity and other program materials.

(f) Acceleration. The terms of each loan agreement will provide for the immediate acceleration of the unpaid balance for breach or default in performance by the Participating Credit Union of the terms or conditions of the loan. Default and breach include misrepresentation; failure to make interest or principal payments when due; failure to file required reports; insolvency of the Participating Credit Union; and, if required by NCUA, failure to maintain adequate matching funds for the duration of the loan. Other specific causes of default and breach will be identified in the loan documents between the Participating Credit Union and NCUA. The unpaid balance will also be accelerated and immediately due if any part of the loan funds are improperly used or if uninvested loan proceeds remain unused for an unreasonable or unjustified period of time.

(g) Matching requirements. At its discretion, NCUA may require a Participating Credit Union to develop and implement a plan to match all or a portion of the funds represented by loan proceeds. Such requirement will be based on the financial condition of the Participating Credit Union, which will be evaluated under criteria contained in the related Notice of Funding Opportunity. Matching funds must be from non-governmental member or nonmember share deposits. Participating Credit Unions required to provide matching funds are subject to the following general provisions and any other conditions in the related Notice of Funding Opportunity and agreements between the Participating Credit Union and NCUA:

(1) Loan monies made available generally must be matched by the Participating Credit Union in an amount equal to the loan amount. Any loan monies matched by nonmember share deposits are not subject to the 20% limitation on nonmember deposits under § 701.32 of this chapter. Participating Credit Unions must maintain the increase in the total amount of share deposits for the duration of the loan. Once the loan is repaid, nonmember share deposits accepted to meet the matching requirement are subject to § 701.32 of this chapter.

(2) Upon approval of its loan application, and before it meets its matching, if required, a Participating Credit Union may receive the entire loan commitment in a single payment. If, at NCUA's discretion, any funds are withheld, the remainder of the funds committed will be available to the Participating Credit Union only after it has documented that it has met the match requirement.

(3) Failure of a Participating Credit Union to generate the required match within the time specified in the loan documents may result in the reduction of the loan proportionate to the amount of match actually generated. Payment of any additional funds initially approved may be limited as appropriate to reflect the revised amount of the loan approved. Any funds already advanced to the Participating Credit Union in excess of the revised amount of loan approval must be repaid immediately to NCUA. Failure to repay such funds to NCUA upon demand may result in the default of the entire loan.

(h) Other terms and conditions. Other terms and conditions pertaining to loans, including but not necessarily limited to duration, repayment obligations, security agreements (if any), and covenants, will be specified in the related Notice of Funding Opportunity or applicable loan documents to be signed by the Participating Credit Union.

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