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§ 705.7 - Application and award processes.

(a) Notice of Funding Opportunity. NCUA will publish a Notice of Funding Opportunity in the Federal Register and on its Web site. The Notice of Funding Opportunity will describe the loan and technical assistance grant programs for the period in which funds are available. It also will announce special initiatives, the amount of funds available, funding priorities, permissible uses of funds, funding limits, deadlines, and other pertinent details. The Notice of Funding Opportunity will also advise potential applicants on how to obtain an Application and related materials. NCUA may supplement the information contained in the Notice of Funding Opportunity through such other media as it determines appropriate, including Letters to Credit Unions, press releases, direct notices to Qualifying Credit Unions, and announcements on its Web site.

(b) Application requirements. A Qualifying Credit Union must demonstrate a sound financial position and ability to manage its day-to-day business affairs. It also must show that its planned use of proceeds is consistent with the purpose of the Program, the requirements of this part, and the related Notice of Funding Opportunity. The related Notice of Funding Opportunity may include additional details and requirements.

(1) Applications to participate and qualify for a loan or technical assistance grant under the Program may be obtained from the National Credit Union Administration as outlined in the related Notice of Funding Opportunity.

(2) With respect to loans, NCUA will also require a Qualifying Credit Union to develop and submit a narrative describing how the Qualifying Credit Union intends to use the money obtained from the Fund to enhance the products or services it provides to its membership and how those enhanced products or services support the membership and community served by the Qualifying Credit Union.

(3) In addition to those items required in this section, a Qualifying Credit Union that is a non-federally insured credit union must also include the following:

(i) A copy of its most recent external audit report;

(ii) Proof of deposit and surety bond insurance which states the maximum insurance levels permitted by the policies;

(iii) A balance sheet, an income and expense statement, and a schedule of delinquent loans, for each of the four most recent quarter-ends;

(iv) Documentation of the credit union's status as a low-income credit union by the appropriate state supervisory agency consistent with NCUA Rules and Regulations at §§ 701.34(a) and 741.204(b); and

(v) An agreement to be subject to examination by NCUA.

(c) Evaluation and selection of Qualifying Credit Unions. NCUA will generally evaluate applications submitted by Qualifying Credit Unions in accordance with the criteria described in this section. Nothing in this section, however, precludes NCUA from considering other criteria included in the related Notice of Funding Opportunity that NCUA determines to be necessary based on the type of funding initiative, economic environment, or other factors or conditions that warrant the evaluation of additional or alternative criteria. Generally, NCUA will evaluate complete applications to determine if the Qualifying Credit Union satisfies the following:

(1) Financial and Performance. The Qualifying Credit Union must exhibit a safe and sound financial condition, including a demonstrated ability to perform the requirements associated with the type of award being sought and compliance with NCUA's underwriting standards. In this respect, NCUA will consider the Qualifying Credit Union's long-term financial viability, including absence of indicators suggesting the Qualifying Credit Union is a candidate for merger, a purchase and assumption transaction, or conservatorship. NCUA will also consider the Qualifying Credit Union's compliance with the provisions of any previous loan or technical assistance grant received. NCUA may also consider information concerning the Qualifying Credit Union to which it already has access, including information obtained through the examination process and data contained in Call Reports.

(2) Compatibility. NCUA will evaluate whether the stated objectives to be accomplished through the use of the loan or technical assistance grant proceeds conform to the broad purposes and rationale underlying the Fund. Specifically, NCUA will consider whether the award will enable the Qualifying Credit Union to provide basic financial products and related services to its members or enhance its capacity to better serve its members and the community in which it operates. NCUA will also consider whether the use of the financial award will conform to any applicable funding priority, special initiative, or special instruction announced in the related Notice of Funding Opportunity.

(3) Feasibility. NCUA will consider the likelihood of the Qualifying Credit Union's success in accomplishing its stated objectives, based on its Application and the factors NCUA determines are relevant.

(4) Examination Information and Applicable Concurrence. In evaluating a Qualifying Credit Union, NCUA will consider all information provided by NCUA staff or state supervisory authority staff that performed the Qualifying Credit Union's most recent examination. In addition:

(i) NCUA will only provide a loan to a qualifying federal credit union with the concurrence of that credit union's supervising Regional Director; and

(ii) NCUA will only provide a loan to a qualifying state-charted credit union with the written concurrence of the applicable Regional Director and the credit union's state supervisory authority. A qualifying state-chartered credit union should notify its state supervisory authority that it is applying for a loan from the Fund before submitting its application to NCUA. However, a qualifying state-chartered credit union is not required to obtain concurrence before applying for a loan. NCUA will obtain the concurrence directly from the state supervisory authority rather than through the qualifying state-chartered credit union. Additionally, before NCUA will provide a loan to a qualifying state-charted credit union the credit union must make copies of its state examination reports available to NCUA and agree to examination by NCUA.

(d) Requests for additional information. NCUA will make its funding determinations among the several qualified Applications based on its discretion and consideration of which best meet the priorities and initiatives established and announced by NCUA. During its evaluation process, however, NCUA may request a Qualifying Credit Union to provide additional clarifying or technical information to support its application. NCUA may determine not to provide further consideration of any Application failing to provide additional required information.

(e) Timing. NCUA will announce, in the related Notice of Funding Opportunity, the deadline for Qualifying Credit Unions to submit all required documentation, including the Application. Failure to submit all of the requested information or to submit the information within the timeframe specified in the Notice of Funding Opportunity, or in the case of requests for additional clarifying or technical information, within the time specified by NCUA, may result in rejection of the Application without further consideration.

(f) Notice of Award. NCUA will determine whether an application meets NCUA's standards established by this part and the related Notice of Funding Opportunity. NCUA will provide written notice to a Qualifying Credit Union as to whether or not it has qualified for a loan or technical assistance grant under this part. A Qualifying Credit Union whose application has been denied for failure of a qualification may appeal that decision in accordance with § 705.10 of this part.

(g) Disbursement—(1) Loans. Before NCUA will disburse a loan, the Participating Credit Union must sign the loan agreement, promissory note, and any other loan related documents. NCUA may, in its discretion, choose not to disburse the entire amount of the loan at once.

(2) Technical Assistance Grants. NCUA will disburse technical assistance grants in such amounts, and in accordance with such terms and conditions, as NCUA may establish. In general, technical assistance grants are provided on a reimbursement basis, to cover expenditures approved in advance by NCUA and supported by receipts evidencing payment by the Participating Credit Union.

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