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§ 707.6 - Periodic statement disclosures.

(a) Rule when statement and crediting periods vary. In making the disclosures described in paragraph (b) of this section, credit unions that calculate and credit dividends for a period other than the statement period, such as the dividend period, may calculate and disclose the annual percentage yield earned and amount of dividends earned based on that period rather than the statement period. The information in paragraph (b)(4) shall be stated for that period as well as for the statement period.

(b) Statement disclosures. If a credit union mails or delivers a periodic statement, the statement shall include the following disclosures:

(1) Annual percentage yield earned. The “annual percentage yield earned,” using that term as calculated according to the rules in appendix A of this part.

(2) Amount of dividends. The dollar amount of dividends earned (accrued or paid and credited) on the account. The dollar amount of any extraordinary dividends earned during the statement period shall be shown as a separate figure.

(3) Fees imposed. Fees required to be disclosed under § 707.4(b)(4) of this part that were debited from the account during the statement period. The fees must be itemized by type and dollar amounts. Except as provided in § 707.11(a)(1) of this part, when fees of the same type are imposed more than once in a statement period, a credit union may itemize each fee separately or group the fees together and disclose a total dollar amount for all fees of that type.

(4) Length of period. The total number of days in the statement period, or the beginning and ending dates of the period.

(5) Aggregate fee disclosure. If applicable, the total overdraft and returned item fees required to be disclosed by § 707.11(a).

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 3133-0134) [58 FR 50445, Sept. 27, 1993, as amended at 59 FR 59899, Nov. 21, 1994; 61 FR 114, Jan. 3, 1996; 64 FR 66356, Nov. 26, 1999; 66 FR 33163, June 21, 2001; 70 FR 72898, Dec. 8, 2005; 75 FR 47175, Aug. 5, 2010]