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§ 710.6 - Distribution of assets.

(a) With the approval of the Regional Director, a partial pro rata distribution of the Federal credit union's assets may be made to its members from cash funds available on authorization by the board of directors or liquidating agent. Payment of a partial distribution may exclude member accounts of less than $25.00 and must not exceed the insured amount applicable to any account or accounts, as determined under part 745 of this chapter.

(b) After all assets of the Federal credit union have been converted to cash or found to be worthless and all loans and debts owing to it have been collected or found to be uncollectible and all obligations of the Federal credit union have been paid, with the exception of shares due its members, the books shall be closed and the pro rata distribution to the members shall be computed. The computation shall be based on the total amount in each share account as of the liquidation date or the date on which all share drafts have cleared, whichever is later.

(c) Payments must be made to members promptly after the pro rata distribution has been computed. The Federal credit union may mail a check to a member at his or her last known address, deliver the check personally to the member, or make the payment by wire or any other electronic means approved by a member.

(d) Unclaimed share accounts, unpaid claims, and unpaid claims of members or creditors who failed to cash their final distribution checks shall be trusteed or escheated in accordance with the laws of the state in which the member or creditor resides.

(e) The Regional Director will be notified in writing within three days when the final distribution of assets to the members is started.

[58 FR 35365, July 1, 1993, as amended at 79 FR 36198, June 26, 2014]