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§ 715.10 - Audit report and working paper maintenance and access.

(a) Audit report. Upon completion and/or receipt of the written report of a financial statement audit or a supervisory committee audit, the Supervisory Committee must verify that the audit was performed and reported in accordance with the terms of the engagement letter prescribed herein. The Supervisory Committee must submit the report(s) to the board of directors, and provide a summary of the results of the audit to the members of the credit union orally or in writing at the next annual meeting of the credit union. If a member so requests, the Supervisory Committee shall provide the member access to the full audit report. If the NCUA so requests, the Supervisory Committee shall provide NCUA a copy of each of the audit reports it receives or produces.

(b) Working papers. The supervisory committee shall be responsible for preparing and maintaining, or making available, a complete set of original working papers supporting each supervisory committee audit. The supervisory committee shall, upon request, provide NCUA staff unconditional access to such working papers, either at the offices of the credit union or at a mutually agreeable location, for purposes of inspecting such working papers.

[64 FR 41035, July 29, 1999, as amended at 84 FR 1607, Feb. 5, 2019]