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§ 715.11 - Sanctions for failure to comply with this part.

(a) Sanctions. Failure of a supervisory committee and/or its independent compensated auditor or other person to comply with the requirements of this section, or the terms of an engagement letter required by this section, is grounds for:

(1) The regional director to reject the supervisory committee audit and provide a reasonable opportunity to correct deficiencies;

(2) The regional director to impose the remedies available in § 715.12, provided any of the conditions specified therein is present; and

(3) The NCUA Board to seek formal administrative sanctions against the supervisory committee and/or its independent, compensated auditor pursuant to section 206(r) of the Federal Credit Union Act, 12 U.S.C. 1786(r).

(b) State Charters. In the case of a federally-insured state chartered credit union, NCUA shall provide the state regulator an opportunity to timely impose a remedy satisfactory to NCUA before exercising it authority under § 741.202 of this chapter to impose a sanction permitted under paragraph (a) of this section.