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§ 740.5 - Requirements for the official advertising statement.

(a) Each insured credit union must include the official advertising statement, prescribed in paragraph (b) of this section, in all of its advertisements, including on its main internet page, except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section.

(b)(1) The official advertising statement is in substance one of the following:

(i) This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration;

(ii) Federally insured by NCUA;

(iii) Insured by NCUA; or

(iv) A reproduction of the official sign as described in § 740.4(b) may be used in lieu of the other statements included in this section. If the official sign is used as the official advertising statement, an insured credit union may alter the font size to ensure its legibility as provided in § 740.4(b)(2).

(2) The official advertising statement must be in a size and print that is clearly legible and may be no smaller than the smallest font size used in other portions of the advertisement intended to convey information to the consumer.

(c) The following advertisements need not include the official advertising statement:

(1) Credit union supplies such as stationery (except when used for circular letters), envelopes, deposit slips, checks, drafts, signature cards, account passbooks, and noninsurable certificates;

(2) Signs or plates in the credit union office or attached to the building or buildings in which the offices are located;

(3) Listings in directories;

(4) Advertisements not setting forth the name of the insured credit union;

(5) Display advertisements in credit union directories, provided the name of the credit union is listed on any page in the directory with a symbol or other descriptive matter indicating it is insured;

(6) Joint or group advertisements of credit union services where the names of federally insured credit unions and Non-federally insured credit unions are listed and form a part of such advertisement;

(7) Advertisements by radio which do not exceed thirty (30) seconds in time;

(8) Advertisements by television, other than display advertisements, which do not exceed thirty (30) seconds in time;

(9) Advertisements that because of their type or character would be impractical to include the official advertising statement, including but not limited to, promotional items such as calendars, matchbooks, pens, pencils, and key chains;

(10) Advertisements that contain a statement to the effect that the credit union is insured by the National Credit Union Administration, or that its accounts and shares or members are insured by the Administration to the maximum insurance amount for each member or shareholder;

(11) Advertisements that do not relate to member accounts, including but not limited to advertisements relating to loans by the credit union, safekeeping box business or services, traveler's checks on which the credit union is not primarily liable, and credit life or disability insurance.

(d) The non-English equivalent of the official advertising statement may be used in any advertisement provided that the Regional Director gives prior approval to the translation.

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