Appendix B - Appendix B to Part 760—Sample Clause for Option to Escrow for Outstanding Loans

Escrow Option Clause

You have the option to escrow all premiums and fees for the payment on your flood insurance policy that covers any residential building or mobile home that is located in an area with special flood hazards and that secures your loan. If you choose this option:

• Your payments will be deposited in an escrow account to be paid to the flood insurance provider.

• The escrow amount for flood insurance will be added to the regular mortgage payment that you make to your lender or its servicer.

• The payments you make into the escrow account will accumulate over time and the funds will be used to pay your flood insurance policy when your lender or servicer receives a notice from your flood insurance provider that the flood insurance premium is due.

To choose this option, follow the instructions below. If you have any questions about the option, contact [Insert Name of Lender or Servicer] at [Insert Contact Information].

[Insert Instructions for Selecting to Escrow]

[80 FR 43263, July 21, 2015]