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§ 606.602 - Application.

(a) This part applies to all programs or activities conducted by the agency. For example, members of the public may participate in the following “programs and activities” of the FCA:

(1) Attending open meetings of the Farm Credit Board.

(2) Making inquiries or filing complaints.

(3) Using the FCA library in McLean, Virginia.

(4) Seeking employment with FCA.

(5) Attending any meeting, conference, seminar, or other program open to the public.

This list is illustrative only and failure to include an activity does not necessarily mean that it is not covered by this regulation.

(b) This regulation does not apply to the institutions that are regulated or examined by the FCA. However, this regulation governs the conduct of FCA personnel, in their interaction with employees of such institutions and employees of other Federal agencies, while discharging their official FCA duties.