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§ 607.4 - Assessment of other System entities.

(a)(1) Unless otherwise designated to be assessed under § 607.3, and with the exception of FAMC as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, other System entities will be assessed for estimated direct expenses plus an allocated portion of FCA indirect expenses and such amount as may be required to maintain a necessary reserve. The estimate for direct expenses shall take into account the direct expenses incurred in the most recent examination of the entity preceding each September 15 and expected increases or decreases in examination work for the next fiscal year. A proportional amount of FCA indirect expenses will be allocated to each entity based on the estimated direct expenses related to the particular entity as a percentage of the total budgeted direct expenses of the agency (excluding direct expenses under paragraph (b) of this section) for the fiscal year covered by the assessment.

(2) Assessments of other System entities under paragraph (a)(1) of this section may be adjusted periodically to reflect:

(i) Changes in the FCA budget and necessary reserve; and

(ii) Any overpayment or underpayment by such other System entity in the prior fiscal year.

(b) Assessment of Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation. The FCA shall assess FAMC for the estimated cost of FCA's regulation, supervision, and examination of FAMC, including reasonably related administrative and overhead expenses. FAMC's assessment may be adjusted periodically to reflect changes in the FCA budget and to reconcile differences between FAMC's assessment and FCA's actual expenditures for regulation of FAMC in the prior fiscal year.