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§ 623.6 - Duty to file information concerning adverse judicial or administrative action.

Any person appearing or practicing before the FCA who has been or is the subject of a conviction, suspension, debarment, license revocation, injunction or other finding of the kind described in § 623.4 (b) or (c) of this part is an action not instituted by the FCA shall promptly file a copy of the relevant order, judgment or decree with the Board together with any related opinion or statement of the agency or tribunal involved. Any person who fails to file a copy of such an order, judgment or decree within 30 days after the later of the entry of the order, judgment or decree, or the date such person initiates practice before the FCA, for that reason alone may be disqualified from practicing before the FCA until such time as the appropriate filing shall be made, but neither the filing of these documents nor the failure of a person to file them shall in any way impair the operation of any other provision of this part.