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§ 1075.108 - Distributing payments to victims.

(a) Designation of a payments administrator. Upon allocating Civil Penalty Fund funds to a class of victims pursuant to § 1075.106, the Fund Administrator will designate a payments administrator who will be responsible for distributing payments to the victims in that class. A payments administrator may be any person, including a Bureau employee or contractor.

(b) Distribution plan. The payments administrator must submit to the Fund Administrator a proposed plan for the distribution of funds allocated to a class of victims. The Fund Administrator will approve, approve with modifications, or disapprove the proposed distribution plan. If the Fund Administrator disapproves a proposed plan, the payments administrator must submit a new proposed plan.

(c) Contents of plan. The Fund Administrator will instruct the payments administrator to prepare a distribution plan and may require that plan to include:

(1) Procedures for determining the amount each victim will receive. Such procedures may, but need not, include a process for submitting and approving claims.

(2) Procedures for locating and notifying victims eligible or potentially eligible for payment.

(3) The method or methods by which the payments will be made.

(4) The method or methods by which potentially eligible victims may contact the payments administrator.

(5) Any other provisions that the Fund Administrator deems appropriate.

(d) Distribution of payments. The payments administrator will make payments to victims in a class, except to the extent such payments are impracticable, in accordance with the distribution plan approved under paragraph (b) of this section and subject to the Fund Administrator's supervision.

(e) Disposition of funds remaining after attempted distribution to a class of victims. If funds allocated to a class of victims remain after a payments administrator distributes payments to that class, the payments administrator will distribute those remaining funds as follows:

(1) To the extent practicable, the payments administrator will distribute those remaining funds to victims in that class up to the amount of their remaining uncompensated harm as described in § 1075.104(b).

(2) Any remaining funds that cannot be distributed pursuant to paragraph (e)(1) of this section will be returned to the Civil Penalty Fund.