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§ 1215.1 - Scope and purpose.

(a) This regulation sets forth the policies and procedures that must be followed in order to compel an employee of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to produce records or information, or to provide testimony relating to the employee's official duties, in the context of a legal proceeding. Parties seeking records, information, or testimony must comply with these requirements when submitting demands or requests:

(b) FHFA intends these provisions to:

(1) Promote economy and efficiency in its programs and operations;

(2) Minimize the possibility of involving FHFA in controversial issues not related to its mission and functions;

(3) Maintain FHFA's impartiality;

(4) Protect employees from being compelled to serve as involuntary witnesses for wholly private interests, or as inappropriate expert witnesses regarding current law or the activities of FHFA; and

(5) Protect sensitive, confidential information and FHFA's deliberative processes.

(c) By providing these policies and procedures, FHFA does not waive the sovereign immunity of the United States.

(d) This part provides guidance for FHFA's internal operations. This part does not create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, that a party may rely upon in any legal proceeding against the United States.

(e) The production of records, information, or testimony pursuant to this part, does not constitute a waiver by FHFA of any privilege.