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§ 1238.7 - Publication of results by regulated entities.

(a) Public disclosure of results required for stress tests of the Enterprises. The Enterprises must disclose publicly a summary of the stress test results for the severely adverse scenario not earlier than August 1 and not later than August 15 of each year. The summary may be published on the Enterprise's website or in any other form that is reasonably accessible to the public.

(b) Information to be disclosed in the summary. The information disclosed by each Enterprise shall, at minimum, include—

(1) A description of the types of risks being included in the stress test;

(2) A high-level description of the scenario provided by FHFA, including key variables (such as GDP, unemployment rate, housing prices, and foreclosure rate, etc.);

(3) A general description of the methodologies employed to estimate losses, pre-provision net revenue, and changes in capital positions over the planning horizon;

(4) A general description of the use of the required stress test as one element in an Enterprise's overall capital planning and capital assessment. If an Enterprise is under conservatorship, this description shall be coordinated with FHFA;

(5) Aggregate losses, pre-provision net revenue, net income, net worth, pro forma capital levels and capital ratios (including regulatory and any other capital ratios specified by FHFA) over the planning horizon, under the scenario; and

(6) Such other data fields, in such form (e.g., aggregated), as the Director may require.

[85 FR 16530, Mar. 24, 2020]